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Back in December 2019, eight of our alumni participated in a News Literacy Workshop held in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia. Each of the alumni attending the workshop was eligible to apply for funding to organize projects in their communities in order to...

#rumors #fakenews #medialiteracy

Campaign Against Rumors – by Emilija Krstevska

  Our YES finalist Emilija Krstevska filmed a volunteering activity by FORUM 16 known as The Campaign Against Rumors. It's an activity to change the rumors that young people in Bitola only drink coffee on Shirok...

At its core, “Fake News” are defined as stories, news that are false: the story has no verifiable facts sources or quotes, the story is fabricated.These stories sometimes can intentionally mislead the reader. They can also be propaganda or clickbait”...

1. Search for articles on the topic published by other news organizations When you come across a news story, run a search on the topic to verify its authenticity. See if other news organizations are reporting on it, or if...

1. Search for the author’s other work Find out who wrote the story and whether they’re a knowledgeable source. Look for other published works, where they were educated, and their professional experience If there’s no byline, which names an article’s...

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