How to spot the fake news? – Finding Other Perspectives (Part 3/3)

2 years ago

1. Search for articles on the topic published by other news organizations

When you come across a news story, run a search on the topic to verify its authenticity. See if other news organizations are reporting on it, or if there’s just one random source making unsubstantiated claims.


2. Consult fact checkers

In addition to reputable news sources, there are a number of websites that debunk fake news stories. If you come across a suspicious story, see if it’s been vetted by sites such as


3. Ask someone you know who has expertise on the topic
When in doubt, get in touch with someone who could help you better understand the topic or recommend reliable sources. It could be a teacher or professor, librarian, or someone who works in the industry discussed in the suspicious article.

For instance, ask your history or social studies teacher about a suspicious article you read about foreign affairs. If you read an article about a new diet fad, talk to your biology teacher or a medical professional in your social network.

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