News vs. Opinions

2 years ago

We face news in our everyday life. But, we also face opinions, that can sometimes come across as news. However, there is a vast difference between the two. 

The goal of news is to inform. They are defined as information about a subject of public interest that is shared by a journalist or news organization. Different types of news can include weather news, political news, celebrity news, crime news, conflict news, sports news, etc. On the other hand, the goal of opinions is to persuade. An opinion is defined as information designed to persuade towards a particular position using evidence and reasoned logic. Opinions are an expression of personal beliefs and views. 

The most important thing to remember is that news are facts and opinions are not facts. As said before, opinions are personal beliefs and views. Not knowing the difference between the two has proven to create conflicting and contradictory ways of thinking. Thinking of opinions as news can create the wrong picture in the audience’s minds.

Journalists that write news synthesize the facts, perspectives, and analyses they learn about a subject, and then draw conclusions pertaining to those facts. The drawn conclusions act as a basis for their articles on the subject. Being aware of what news is is important because it presents facts to the public so they can decide for themselves the meaning of events. So news pertains to writers giving facts and making it able for the audience to create their own thoughts on the matter. When a writer expresses their opinion they strip the audience of the ability to discuss and decide the subject themselves. This happens with opinions.

Opinions focus on the meaning of events rather than on how the events happened. Even though everyone has a right to share their thoughts, there are many people who share their opinions regardless of their lack of expertise in that specific area of interest. Although this can pose as a problem, it can be solved if the audience is aware that they are reading opinions rather than facts. In order for this to be accomplished, the headlines and captions need to clearly state the type of article the reader is facing. 

As we said before, it is of vital importance to be able to distinguish between news and opinions. Not being able to do so can result in an incorrectly depicted way of thinking of a certain subject. The most widely used method of distinguishing between news and opinions is paying attention to the headlines and captions. Remember, news is about how an event happened while opinions focus on a person’s thoughts on the happening of the event.

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